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Williams’ fiery speech adds fuel to the fire


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Greg Williams’ speech to New Orleans Saints defensive players the night before their mid-January playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers was aimed at a few.

His speech targeted Alex Smith’s chin, Vernon Davis’ ankles, Frank Gore’s head, and Kyle Williams’ head.

According to audio captured by filmmaker Sean Pamphilon and first reported Thursday by Yahoo Sports, Williams suggested that 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree “becomes human when we take out that outside ACL.”

Williams made other remarks, such as, “Kill the head and the body will die. We’ve got to do everything in the world to make sure we kill Frank Gore’s head.”

Williams may be showing a side of competitiveness, but to many, his words are very mean, malicious, and uncomfortable to hear.

The difficult part is determining how much of this is about the Saints and how much of it is about Modern Football.


Trayvon Martin

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African American’s have seen terrors of mankind

Our ancestors, the current generation

Still faces hate crimes

Yet, justice goes colorblind.

Dr. King had a dream

For equality among civilization

And they say that we were granted freedom

After President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

Trayvon, 17, was shot and killed

On February 26

Question is

Did Zimmerman at least one time ever resist

Pulling the trigger

Initiating a fight

Neighborhood Watch

Turned into taking a life

There are really profound differences

In the world views of blacks and whites


Who have been historically and continuously discriminated against

Look at Trayvon’s killing

As part of a long narrative of injustice

He was already labeled because of stereotypes,

“…they’re up to know good, they need to be watched…”

What will then be said

If another man gets shot.

By: BreAnna Paige Boyd

Budget hits 1 in 10 in House

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A strict federal budget is hitting members of the House of Representatives, forcing one in 10 to make cuts from the previous year’s office expenses, according to USA TODAY.

The cuts in House were 5% last year, and have increased to 6.4% this year. Although, the cuts apply to everyone, some senior Democrats that have the highest spending rates could be hit the hardest.

“The average House office budget was $1.45 million last year, so a 6.4% cut is almost $93,000.”

Staff salaries are the biggest costs for all members of Congress.

Out of the 40 highest payrolls in the House, 33 belong to Democratic members, according to, whom tracks congressional salaries.

Every staff member in the office of Rep. Bobby Rush, D-III., took a pay cut last year.

The deputy director of operations made $61,000 in 2010 and earned $2,000 less in 2011.

Every penny over budget has to be repaid to the U.S. Treasury out of the member’s pocket.

Unspent office funds are returned to the Treasury after a two-year wait to pay off any late arriving bills, according to USA TODAY.

Some democrats have stated that budget cuts will reduce services to constituents, mainly in poor districts where people seek the most help.

Three States Share Lottery Jackpot

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Millions across the world participated in the purchasing of lottery tickets for their chance at the historic Mega Millions jackpot, that reached $640 million.

The first drawing on March 27, sparked no winners which led to the jackpot increases to the largest amount ever recorded in the world, according to Mega Millions website.

The final drawing sparked winners in three states. Kansas, Illinois, and Maryland each selected the winning numbers for the jackpot, lottery officials stated.

The winning ticket in Illinois was sold in a small town of Red Bud, near St. Louis.  The Maryland Lottery said it sold a winning ticket at a retail store in Baltimore County. A winning ticket was also purchased in northeast Kansas, according to the Kansas Lottery website.

The winning numbers in Friday night’s drawing were 02-04-23-38-46, and the Mega Ball 23. Americans spent nearly $1.5 billion for a chance to hit the jackpot, lottery officials stated.

This Mega Million jackpot will definitely go down in history. It sparked millions across America to take a chance winning big in the game of luck.


Love is a feeling that can sometimes be unexplainable.

Love is a feeling that can make you happy and/or sad.
Love is patient and it can also be impatient.

Those are all the things we are told as young children about love, but no one ever tells reality.
The truth is, love doesn’t hurt.

It’s the absence of love that hurts.
That certain feeling of rejection is what can tear a person into pieces.

Love is a powerful feeling, because as humans we allow it to control us.
We allow it to control our minds, body, and soul.

Once love overpowers the human mind, it leads to depressive acts.
Things you’ve always considered yourself not doing, you’re all of a sudden doing.

That’s the biggest act of that feeling of absence.
It suppresses your thoughts, and triggers your mind into over analyzing every little thing about your mate, where you eventually retaliate out of emotion.

Love… is a beautiful thing. It’s the absence that causes the pain.

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Dangerous Element lurking inside cosmetics

Dangerous Element lurking inside cosmetics

Several major brands of lipstick have been reported of containing a dangerous health element called lead. Exposure to lead can cause a range of deleterious health effects, from behavioral problems to learning disorders. Many dangerous substances have been utilized as ingredients at a given time in the history of make-up, which led many women in that day and age to put their health in harm’s way. Due to previous incidents, what goes into cosmetics are much more regulated now. The modern world at least has an understanding of what goes into the cosmetics that they’re applying to their skin.

All dyes now have to be vetted by the FDA for safety towards the human body. Although some colorants that contain a small portion of lead get passed, they make it aware that it only contains a small percentage of lead that doesn’t harm the human body. The above claim makes it very important that every consumer of cosmetics should be aware of unauthorized imports and counterfeit cosmetics that just get swept under the rug. These cosmetics are illegally distributed and sold outside of stores, without the approval of FDA.

These cosmetics can contain lead, one of the most dangerous elements toward the human body. So, it’s very wise to purchase cosmetic brands within a store, that way each consumer knows what’s in the product before using it. There are individuals who sell cosmetics on the streets or at home, that don’t have the license to get the products approved by the FDA. Always think safety first. It’s best to be safe than sorry. Although the product may look good and pleasing to the eye, it should always go through the necessary steps of getting approved. These products also tend to be cheaper than the original brand sold in stores. A red flag should go up, that there must be a catch.

“Make-up is just like an accessory, but I want to be able to use it again,” quoted make-up artist John Matthews. Matthews is a local make-up artist from Memphis, Tennessee who specializes in skin care. “It’s not just the make-up that does the trick. The real trick is keeping good skin by using good products,” says Matthews. Only the FDA can certify colors as safe or not. No one else has that authority. When it comes to unauthorized imports and counterfeit cosmetics, legality is not included. Some individuals who are victims of these scam artists have suffered severe skin irritation and allergies due to banned substances that in some cases have led to facial deformation. The maximum penalties for producers and importers of cosmetic products containing banned substances would be raised to five years’ imprisonment and/or a fine of $500,000.

Currently, the maximum penalties for such violations are one year in jail and/or a fine of $60,000. The new legislation also calls for establishment of a high-powered National Cosmetics Committee to be chaired by the permanent secretary for public health. The panel would also include representatives from consumer protection groups and the cosmetics industry. Moreover, digital codes that would make searching for crucial information such as active ingredients more convenient and accurate.
Every consumer should be aware of the cosmetics they purchase. There are individuals selling cosmetics illegally without the consent or approval from the FDA. It’s best to be safe than sorry, so knowing what’s in your cosmetics before applying it to your face plays a huge part. Always remember unauthorized imports and counterfeit cosmetics are among us. It’s up to consumers whether or not they reach harm’s way.

Never apply make-up without FDA approval.

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